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Measure your culture in real-time

A discrepancy between the corporate stated vision and its people's vision leads to unhappiness and underproductivity. Use our proprietary tool to frame your culture and shape it with all the employees.


Increase happiness

Our system improves interactions between employees as well as engagement. This leads to higher happiness and productivity.


Crowdsource your corporate answers

Stop spending time and money on pushing corporate projects that fail just because they don’t have the buy-in from your staff. Determine which corporate projects are meant to succeed and which aren’t.


Based on top-notch academic research

Nudging, close strangers, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators are groundbreaking academic research concepts we incorporate in our daily interactions. This makes our VoxCollector the best tool on the market with an average D.U.R. (daily use rate) higher than 80%.


Not an app, not a tablet, not an online questionnaire. Our tool is the only way to steadily engage your people. The interactions we schedule are designed for your company. It’s tailor made and allows us to achieve a 80% voting rate (voluntary), every day (vs less than 10% with other methods)!


Increase employee engagement by 12% in less than 3 months. Build a strong culture under a year. See our achievements in the banking and engineering sector.


We manage the project from A to Z and are able to crowdsource the improvements you require thanks to our large dataset.


Our databases hold absolutely no private data because the power of our system lies in its anonymity. So this is 100% GDPR compliant.

Meet Vox, a fraction of us.

Vox is our little pal that will have a daily conversation with your people.

Amazing Design
Optimized for high conversion

The patented design and questions have been thoroughly tested and improved over 2 years by using nudging techniques. Even the colors have an impact on the long term voting rate. We chose wood because we want our clients to enjoy the best.

Easy Installation

Vox can be set up anywhere near a power socket. It's up and running within 5 minutes. Convenient, isn't it?

Turnkey from A - Z
Hassle free support

A consultant will follow your campaign daily and he will have the talk with your people. Call him for any change you require and it will be implemented for the next open day.


Daily voting rate after 10 months


Increase in employee engagement (3 months)


Avoided budget on failed projects


Interactions with our tools

Innovative Team

In order to engage your people, you need creativity, logic, business acumen and gamification.

  • Photo
    Founder - CEO

    15 years experience in engaging audiences, 10 years of entrepreneurship, agility and innovation. Happy father of two amazing children. Accomplished double bass player.

  • Photo
    Founder - Chief gamification

    10 years of entrepreneurship, creative mindset, gamification specialist, super strong data analysis skills. Passionate about people, music and water-polo.

  • Photo
    Business Development Manager

    Maarten loves helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. He’s happiest while playing tennis or dancing and he’s passionate about technology and art.

  • Photo
    Chief Win-win

    Aurélie finds the best possible deals for our clients. Bright and cheerful, she is passionate about cookery, sewing, biking and trekking.

  • Photo
    Chief Financial Officer

    Tania is responsible for our financial status, cash management and investor's relations. She has extensive experience in finance and fiscality through her fiduciary. She is passionate about gardening and dancing.

  • Photo
    Business Development

    Mike is the best business developper ever. He has a Master in business and a Bachelor in psychology. Loves to travel and discover new cultures.

  • Photo

    Analytics & data visualisation skills as the CEO of Anteater Analytics. 10+ years in the startup/scale up world and CTO at Eventbase. Passionate about wildlife and lives in Vancouver.


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