Job Crafting: Retain and Train Talents Within Your Company

Finally, there’s an efficient solution against job dissatisfaction. It’s called job crafting, and it starts with you. It should come as no surprise to anyone that a huge percentage of

From Agile projects to Agile companies.

Companies have to work work work to make their mark these days. It’s not enough to just be a Harvard grad who knows enough coding to kickstart their own social

7 Easy Steps to Cripple Employee Engagement

Finally! Management advice that’s easy to follow and implement. Want to know how to destroy your employees’ engagement and alienate them entirely? Eager to treat them like children and micromanage

Our Universal Recipe for Corporate Happiness.

A corporate culture is just that: a culture. Cultures don’t arise in a vacuum. They’re not something where one person or small group plans them out, and then puts them

The insidious company killer.

Most companies function on the assumption that self-interest is their employees’ most important driver. They give less importance to vision, mission and culture (beside great website information) as they believe