Engage your people in a company adventure, get actionable insights to improve your workplace.

VoxCollector is a company adventure.
We take the pulse of your company, connect your people, make them think and act, drive change and make them smile.
With our little magic (and scholar's brain juice) we put your corporate culture on steroids.

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Think daily dialog. Add trust, insights, and innovation on top.

Sign-up and start a company-wide dialog on MS Teams / Slack in under 5 minutes

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Step 1

Create your account now and access our platform.

Step 2

Load some interactions

Step 1

We provide you with the first month of fun interactions to get you started but you can also load your own.

Step 3

Watch your corporate culture improve

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Watch your colleagues give their opinion in a totally anonymous way and access our insightful metrics about what the challenges are in your company.

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VoxCollector is like an Iceberg where fun lies on top and insights are below the surface.

Anonymity is the foundation of VoxCollector.
It’s the only way to get true, actionable insights, and not the common rubbish you get with classical evaluation surveys. We cannot trace the opinions and we did this on purpose. We want the big picture, not finger pointing.

With reaching 50.000+ employees around the world VoxCollector has been elected best belgian HR startup in 2018.

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Isabel Carrion

Chief People Officer


Simple and fun interactions with great insights to successfully accompany a massive change journey at ORANGE.

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