Engage Every Worker: Leading Front-line Feedback.

Connect and Challenge your Workers with our unique feedback platform, designed for your front-line teams.
Instantly deployable worldwide and requiring no smartphones, no touchscreen or email addresses, we simplify feedback across any location.
Our solution enhances safety, productivity, and innovation by valuing every front-line employee.

Effortless Insights, No Fuss.

Directly capturing the pulse of your front-line teams without the gimmicks or IT headaches, our autonomous solution paves the way for frictionless feedback.

Beyond QR Codes

(no smartphone required)

Step 1

Moving past superficial solutions to embrace genuinely impactful feedback channels designed for front-line teams.

No IT involved

Yes, you already have their blessing

Step 2

Our secure system can run without any interaction with your current IT systems, which means you can start today.

No email, no problem

(we don't do classic email polls)

Step 3

Liberating feedback from the constraints of digital identities, we prioritize ease and inclusivity.

Impact on Productivity, Safety and Talent retention.

VoxCollector can lead to a 20% increase in productivity and a 48% reduction in safety incidents, as supported by Gallup's findings, while also potentially decreasing employee turnover by up to 65%, as indicated by Bersin by Deloitte, through valuing front-line feedback and boosting engagement.

With reaching 50.000+ workers around the world VoxCollector has been elected best belgian HR startup in 2018.