Large scale feedback where you thought it was impossible.

Our commitment is to reach every coworker to improve your company.

Out of the box voting stations

In the sea of feedback tools, QR codes and tablets on stands are the norm, often failing to truly engage front-line workers.

Our solution stands apart.
With a unique patented design, our out-of-the-box voting stations offer a genuinely engaging experience that sustains an up to 80% engagement rate, years into deployment.

It's this unparalleled effectiveness and worldwide scalability that has earned our solution the prestigious HR Excellence award in Belgium.

We provide more than just a tool; we deliver a gateway to genuine, actionable feedback from your workforce.

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MS Teams

Forget the fuss of creating accounts or downloading apps.

Our tool integrates seamlessly with MS Teams, offering easy setup directly within your team's channel for hassle-free voting.

At the heart of our platform is a commitment to anonymity; we guarantee no voter information is ever stored, setting us apart with unmatched privacy.

As Microsoft certified partners, you'll find adding our tool to MS Teams a breeze (without needing to go through IT), likely already available in your company's MS Teams Store Apps.

This ease of use combined with our dedication to privacy transforms feedback into a trusted, candid exchange of insights.

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Switching to Slack?

Experience the same smooth integration without the need for account setups or app installations. Quick and effortless to get going, our Slack-compatible tool mirrors our MS Teams solution in simplicity and efficiency.

Central to our design is the principle of absolute anonymity—no tracking of voter information, ensuring your team’s feedback remains genuinely private.

This approach, combined with our swift setup, elevates the feedback process, encouraging open and honest communication across your team.

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Centralized Benchmarks

Our intuitive centralized platform streamlines the management of feedback points, effortlessly gathering all responses into one accessible location.

Developed with academic rigor, our model of 16 HR variables provides a robust framework for evaluating your workforce.

With the ability to benchmark your company’s feedback against industry standards, you’ll gain clear insights into your strengths and areas for development.

This platform is designed with localization in mind, offering delegated access for remote sites and supporting all necessary languages to ensure no voice goes unheard.

Beyond collection, it empowers you with advanced analytics to discern trends, offers expert guidance on crafting questions, or handles the creation for you.

Furthermore, it provides actionable guides to address your specific organizational challenges, making it a comprehensive tool for enhancing your HR strategy.

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What we don't do

Here a few things that distinguishes from our competitors

  • We don't do long uninspiring questions, we prefer engaging ones
  • We don't store personal data about the voters, we don't identify them
  • We don't do email surveys, they are disruptive and traceable
  • We don't do Apps, nobody uses them
  • We don't do Kuddos, we focus on Feedback
  • We don't do QR codes, nobody uses them
  • We don't ask questions to influence people

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